Frequently asked questions

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About FlashPesa

The most affordable mobile loan app in Kenya offering fast accessible loans of up to 50,000KES instantly to your Mpesa.

Our services are only accessible in Kenya

From google play store by clicking on this link tiny.cc/flashpesa  

Yes you can call us on 0769 159 474

My Account

Through making your request known by contacting 0769159474 or support@flashpesa.co.ke

Through making your request known by contacting 0769 159 474 or support@flashpesa.co.ke

You’ll get a verification code sent to your phone once you’ve finished the registration process.

FlashPesa accepts only Safaricom phone numbers that are registered for M-Pesa services

You cannot change your ID number as it is tied to the name it was registered with.

Eligibility Criteria

A completely filled profile on your FlashPesa app.

The decision to grant you a loan is based on many factors that we take into consideration while processing your application including your personal information and credit history. The procedure is detailed as we care about the financial safety of our clients

Loan applications are rejected if a user’s credit score doesn’t meet the required level set in the system used to disburse the loans

The application process is instant with just one click

By improving your credit score through repaying loans before their due time and also by ensuring you are not CRB listed

You have to ensure that you set a personal pin which no one has access to. So that someone else cannot apply for loans for you. But in case someone has applied for a loan with your account, you will have to pay the loan.

Loan Offers

After registering your details, one is able to access the page for the loan application, you just fill in the amount and duration and the loan purpose

Your FlashPesa loan limit starts at kshs 2,000. However, you can grow your loan limit if you timely pay your loans thus improving your credit rating to qualify for bigger loans

The amount of loan you qualified for is determined by your credit score as well as how many times you have taken a loan from us.

No, the amount shown, is the amount that you qualify for. You can only apply for a lower amount which is also not lower than 2000 which was the initial loan limit.

The largest amount you can take is kshs 50,000 but you will have to grow your limit upto 50,000 in order to qualify for it.

We do not charge any interest, we only deduct the loan processing fee which is 15% of the loan being offered.

Your loan limit increases after the third time you will have borrowed a certain loan limit amount

Your loan limit increases after the third time you will have borrowed a certain loan limit amount


By repaying through paybill 911280

You can repay via the App or you can pay via lipa na Mpesa.
Go to Lipa na Mpesa
Select paybill
Enter paybill no 911280
The account number is your phone number
Then your Pin

You will get notifications on your app as well as SMS messages indicating when you are to pay.

Yes you can. Repaying early will increase your credit score limit and unlock you to higher loan limits.

Late Repayment and CRB

An institution established to monitor the behavior of borrowers with the objective of enabling credit providers to overcome the challenge of Non-performing loans (NPLs) and reduce the loan default risk

If you miss your repayment after a certain period of time you will be listed with CRB

Yes you can request to pay later but you will still incur penalties for the late repayment

Your defaulted loan will be cleared from the system and you will be able to apply for the next loan

We report to all Central Bank of Kenya regulated CRB’s to give our users a complete look on matters concerning their credit score rating

Security & Privacy

Go to my profile on the app and then you can edit your details

Contact customer care at 0769159474 for assistance on this

You’ll get a verification code sent to your phone once you’ve finished the registration process

It’s unsupported if it hasn’t been used for a long period of time.